This thread is to honor and share memories of late CS members.
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Post by {Delta} » Wed Feb 10, 2016 6:50 pm

KoA Hubbz wrote:R.I.P.... Didn't have the pleasure of meeting Neocon but I hung out with Bendecco a lot with the rest of the ICE crew.

One day a few of us were hanging in the all conquest server, it was me, RTD, Bendecco, and Delta (a regular clanhopper from swbf2). A few guys from the <?> clan hopped into the server started talking some trash and irritating some of the regulars before they bailed. So the four of us decided we would make fake accounts like <answer> the question and I_am_the_<answer> it was bendecco's idea. We went in to the <?> server with our mics set to talk to friends listen to everybody. We mopped the floor with their whole team us four and a few randoms then we left laughing our asses off with none of them ever knowing who it was that trolled the hell out of em. one of my fondest battlefront memories.

Forever missed, never forgotten. R.I.P. Bendecco, til we meet again brother.

I know this is old, but damn, I remember doing this. Albeit I didn't know the people I was doing it with. Good memories...

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