We Are The Corellian Smugglers

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We Are The Corellian Smugglers

Post by Admin » Fri Feb 12, 2016 4:29 am

Hello friends, sister clans, and of course CS members.

The Corellian Smugglers gaming community was founded late 2004 shortly after the release of Star Wars Battlefront 1 for the Playstation and XBOX gaming consoles. Along the way, CS became a solid clan with a golden roster of many great individuals. The Corellian Smugglers set the standard for other SWBF gaming clans with longevity and class surpassed by none. With a core group of members and friends that have been gaming with one another for more than a decade, The CS community has grown into some what of a family. We have always had respect for each other and all of our friends alike. Through the good times and bad, the next gen consoles, and several multiplayer game titles over the years, CS remains strong and united.

The Corellian Smuggler gaming community is full of great clan members as well as great friends. Moving forward, We look forward to meeting new friends and adding more devoted clan members to the CS family. While Star Wars Battlefront may be our flagship, you can find us on several different titles now, and in the future.

Thanks for visiting our site. All are welcome. See you on the front!!!