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Apply to become a member

Post by Admin » Fri Feb 12, 2016 5:57 am

Please read before applying:

The saga continues. For the past 10 years, the Corellian Smugglers have been represented by talented, loyal players who value community and gamesmanship. As one of the original Big 3 clans from SWBF on PS2, we seek to continue our dynasty. At this time, we are opening up recruitment for new members. We are currently in retirement from competiton, but future members may awaken the force. Do you have what it takes to raise an X-wing from the swamps of Dagobah? Do you think you're a mang, mang? If you were a hot dog, would you eat yourself? We welcome all players 21 and older, but please be aware that our membership is limited. Not everyone will make the cut. Nerf-herders need not apply.

How to apply:

You must add existing members of CS to your PSN Friends List. (Not all, but some to get you started.)

By posting to the forums and playing with other members often, you will begin to see the culture of people we have here. During your recruitment, you have to choose whether or not this is the right clan for you.

Please copy/paste the application below into a new forum, with your name's application as the subject. Please answer all questions.

[center]Copy and paste the questions below into a new post[/center][hr][/hr]

1.) What is your PSN ?
2.) What game are you applying for:
3.) How old are you?:
4.) How did you hear about CS?:
5.) Do you have a mic?:
6.) Please list any current CS members that you game with:

Comments if any: