Nyr0-no-name's official application

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Nyr0-no-name's official application

Post by Nyr0-no-name » Sun Feb 28, 2016 8:48 pm

1.) What is your PSN ?

2.) What game are you applying for:
Star Wars Battlefront

3.) How old are you?:

4.) How did you hear about CS?:
On the recruitment forums on the official Battlefront site.

5.) Do you have a mic?:

6.) Please list any current CS members that you game with:
Deazus, Barahir , Mara_Jade , Hawk-Solo , Tr1ple_H , Bloondoom , mo ,Slater , Griffy....a few others I can not think of immediately. I have played with everyone willing to and often just jump in the games.

Wasn't sure if I had to still do this but I am. After playing with you guys for about a week I have decided this is where I belong. I feel there is still a lot of life left in this little group and I enjoy being a part of it. The atmosphere suits me as it is not too serious but we still enjoy winning and the fact that everyone is very open to different play styles makes this place even more inviting. I have thought long and hard about this as I didn't want to make an official commitment until I was absolutely sure and I played several hours with you guys.

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Re: Nyr0-no-name's official application

Post by Triple_h » Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:24 am

Cool brother. The app is great so other people who aren't active at the moment can get info about our new members. We share your app in our facebook group. Understanding some people do not facebook and some people don't do websites. Now everyone has an idea who you are.

GG's by the way. Catch you again when I have a day off, lol.

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Re: Nyr0-no-name's official application

Post by Marajade » Mon Feb 29, 2016 1:37 am

Welcome nyro! Welcome to the family brother!

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